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  1. Hello Deep Orchid! Congratulations on the project! It was an absolute pleasure to work with both of you –

  2. Your drums sound more distinct in a way that I can’t quite put my finger on with the gretsch kick opposed to the pearl master and it ends up making your music sound more balanced with the other instruments.

  3. OK. Love first song. Great separation between instruments. Wish I could hear solo, single note lines better towards second half of song.

    Second song the individual notes come through better. I don’t know drums well but they are fine to me on both songs. As I have time I will give feedback.


  4. Hey man,

    Generally these mixes sound pretty good to me – good instrument separation and decent frequency range. As you mention in the description, perhaps a little more management of the low frequencies would be good. Monitoring through my k271s, everything sounded nicely balanced but I know these headphones are very bass transparent and almost any consumer based set will through the bass levels way up. In case you aren’t already, I would try running all low frequency stuff through a separate EQ and compressor band which usually enables more control. Enjoyable listen though, good work!


  5. Hey Peter…What happening? It’s Michael Firewalker @ SM3A DIGITAL.
    We’re chatting on-line now…Time to do a Master Class.

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